We kick off season 4 of the InnovateCT podcast with an absolutely unique experience. When was the last time you visited somewhere and saw something that was nothing like you had ever seen before?
That is the feeling you will have when you visit the American Mural Project in Winsted, Connecticut. This 5 story, 120 foot long mural is dedicated to the American worker and is a must see for people of all ages including children. The project is the work of artist, Ellen Griesedieck. Ellen has a passion for storytelling, sharing people's career stories and education. All of this comes together at the American Mural Project which will be opened officially as a museum in spring of 2022.
In this episode we sit down with Ellen and her director of development, Mimi Madden to discuss how this amazing piece of art came to be, what their plans are for the future and how they are empowering and inspiring children through their school programs. Educators should absolutely look into the American Mural Project as field trip or as a place to recommend to your students for additional extracurricular activities.
Learn more by checking out their website: American Mural Project
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